Apr. 29th, 2009

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I'm back from my unplanned three-week-ish hiatus from lj! Things have been getting busy in this, my last semester of law school (four weeks until graduation, gah!), and combining the standard paper-writing, class-attending, and sort-of-reading for class with family coming to visit, bar loan applications, and, oh yeah, directing a play, I've been remiss in keeping up on my reading-and-commenting here.

For instance, it's been [livejournal.com profile] mcsmooch time for two weeks now, and I've barely read any of them! This makes for a fabulous store of kisses that I'll start going through now, and I'm just going to get over my "Oh, but it's weird to comment after the first few days a story's been up," nonsense and try to comment on what I do get to read. (Consider this a heads-up re: awkwardly late comments from me on your posts from the past few weeks, too, since I'm also planning on catching up on the ol' flist.)

I did manage to scratch out a(n admittedly kind of weird) smooch myself: One Hundred Percent (Plus), and posted it un-beta'd, since I thought the deadline was today and have only just noticed the extension. So, if you spot anything wonky or have concrit, please do let me know! (And now that there's an extension, I might procrastinate from the paper-writing I'm supposed to be doing by writing another smoochlet that focuses more on kissing, less on sandwiches.)

Oh, and please link me to cool/interesting/funny/ficcish/important posts that have appeared the past few weeks, if you think of it!


propinquitine: John, looking up while in a cell, from the lovely blue-lit episode Aurora. (Default)

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