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Poor [ profile] winkingstar is battling a mice problem in her new (5th floor?) apartment. (I was not aware that mice could ride elevators. Perhaps they were catching a lift with the maintenance people who have taken a month + to redo the bathroom?) This is most certainly a Not Fun situation. Thus:

Pleased John is pleased.

Rodney looks pretty pleased, too.

Sometimes, John looks like an O RLY? bird.

Or what can only be appropriately termed a "dorkbird".

Rodney's got plans for John and that Ancient impregnation machine. (It's either that, or he's stealing Torren.)

And John isn't exactly helping to distract him from that plan. (Belly!)

Sparkly curtains? Check. Candles? Check. MOAR candles? Check. Geek-on-a-leash? Check and mate!

John sometimes forgets that he's supposed to be secretly in love with Rodney.

Like when he blatantly ogles Rodney's ass.

Or that other time, when he blatantly ogles Rodney's ass. (What, it's a pretty sweet ass!)

They're getting pretty good at the secret hand-holding, though.

Beer can help facilitate the hand-holding.

As can favorable camera angles.

Even when one of them is not-quite-alive, the secret hand-holding lives on!

John gets extra-zealous, though, and sometimes he misses Rodney's hand.

In times of heightened emotion, biceps are an acceptable substitute for hands.

Contrary to popular belief, Rodney really does appreciate different points of view. In certain circumstances.

Rodney also believes that he should be commended for refraining from licking John when they're out on missions. Seriously. He is clearly a man of iron will.

Of course, John finds Field Ops Rodney pretty damned distracting, too.

In conclusion: Whale Dates!

Note: I've collected these images from all over the place, and am terrible at keeping track of where I've swiped things from. If you recognize any of these as yours and want me to give you credit or take them down, please let me know!

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propinquitine: John, looking up while in a cell, from the lovely blue-lit episode Aurora. (Default)

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