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Posting for the [ profile] artword Round Robin challenge started yesterday! It looks like there will be two stories posted a day for the next week or so. Each author got to write a portion of four different fics, and each round of writing was followed by a round of art-making by some very talented artists. You can check out all of the fic from this challenge here.

I wrote the conclusion to story 01 - Only Can Give (What You Have) (from when they sit on the mattress to the end).

I was following some really excellent work by [ profile] busaikko, [ profile] aesc, and [ profile] darsynia, and it was a lot of fun to try to pick up on the themes and details that they'd each included and develop a coherent and satisfying ending. (Ha, and of course YMMV for how well I succeeded.)

This was a more analytical approach than I think I usually take toward writing a fic -- generally, I'll get an idea for a conversation or an event, write until I get there, and see what happens next. (Typically: John and Rodney kiss. I am a woman of consistent tastes. Also, not much plot.) In this case, the lead-up was already written, so I had the (really enjoyable!) challenge of working out what might flow organically from it, had it all been written by a single author. It took me a significant chunk of words to get to the end of this story, and I'll be interested to see if the other 4th-round contributors experienced the same reaction of "wow, there's so much good in here that I want to address, so I'm going to have to double the length of this thing."

The fourth-round writers were also charged with titling the story. This is usually a challenge for me, and I really want to try coming up with some awesome fancy title, and then writing a story from that. (Just as an exercise! I'm sure it's actually a terrible way to go about writing something, but on the plus side, it'll probably involve John and Rodney kissing.) For this story, I wanted the title to have something to do with giving/having/self/identity/other themes from the story, and it's a relatively somber fic, so it needed to have some gravitas, too. Clearly, the only solution was to semi-plagiarize one of Dr. Tim's Five Laws of Leadership that I learned as a section leader in high school marching band.* But of course, I dropped the pronoun, swapped around the verb/adverb order, and threw the second half of the phrase into parentheses (for gravitas). (Also, I have remix envy.)

Perhaps the best part of this challenge is the art that's been created. At the bottom of each story, there's the finished product, and then the images created during each of the rounds. It's a fascinating look at how the final piece evolved, and I'm just thrilled to see artwork for a story that I had a hand in creating. You can see the gorgeous work of [ profile] beet, [ profile] unamaga, [ profile] sandalstrap and [ profile] midvacent

I'm staying with [ profile] winkingstar right now, and I should stop being a bad guest and go help her make dinner. (We were both supposed to be having quiet study time (ah, the social life of grad students!), but I think it devolved into internet-distraction hour for both of us. (Newest obsession: pile-of-puppies webcam.)) So I'll go have delicious ravioli, and y'all go check out [ profile] artword!

* So a thorough Googling only turned up a list of four laws of leadership from Dr. Tim, and this list doesn't include the one I stole ("You can only give what you have")>. But I know that I had a t-shirt with five of them on the back! Did anyone else ever attend a Dr. Tim or George Parks leadership camp, or am I the only bando here?


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