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I hope everyone's having a wonderful end-of-the-year season and getting however much rest and rejuvenation you need. Between some extended-familial estrangement and my parents making their final break from the whole religion thing (two entirely unrelated events!), we had a quiet, relaxing, secular Christmas chez moi yesterday -- my favorite kind!

Now I'm headed of to Ireland until January 4th (and just realizing that I really should've mentioned this beforehand, and gleaned some travel tips from you all, drat!). I'll probably be able to check email intermittently, since at least one of our hotels has free wifi, hurrah, but won't be around much otherwise. But then: actual & regular reading/responding/posting, for real this time!

Oh, and since I won't be back until after the [ profile] sga_santa reveals are up (and will be thus slightly delayed in responding to the lovely feedback!), if you want to guess which one I wrote, comment here and I will write you a little something if you're right (and, er, if you want me to). I can't wait to find out who wrote the sweet team-y John/Rodney story Growing Pains for me!

Finally: anyone who's feeling a little post-holiday (pre-New Years?) blues should go check out [ profile] chkc's absolutely darling holiday chibis. There's even a Leverage chibi!team! Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, (unless you hate joy, I guess).


Dec. 13th, 2009 06:29 pm
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It's the middle of December, really? (I'm leaving for a trip to Ireland the day after Christmas and won't be back until a few days into the new year, so for me, December's functionally about 23 days long. SO much work to get done before then, aaaargh!)

Ahem. So yes, things have been busy 'round these parts, and I keep meaning to do a little update post to explain how I'm not slipping back into lurker mode, nosiree (even though it's so easy to do), it's just that things are hectic. And then something else happens, and it's suddenly three weeks later and still no post.

For instance: did I mention that I passed the bar? I sure whined about studying for it enough over the summer, but I think my victory!post on that front was another one of those that I only wrote in my head. But yes, bar passed, and by the end of January I will be an honest-to-goodness licensed attorney. Me-of-five-years-ago is still scratching her head over how that one happened.

Also, thank you to [ profile] winkingstar and delightful anonymous person for the snowflake cookie things! I gather there was some sort of LJ-beneficence/glitch a bit ago that resulted in a deluge of wintry treats everywhere? That's one of those things I missed while on self-imposed LJ-exile in order to get my [ profile] sga_santa story done -- it worked, though I'm still a little iffy on the final product, but it also means I'm way behind on many things.

Basically, this post boils down to: FYI, awkwardly late comments to your recent-ish posts, incoming!
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So I get back from my sojourn to Canada* to discover that we're already three days into [ profile] mcshep_match! Whoo! (And then the neighbor's wireless I'd been scamming at my new place evaporated, so now we're actually at Day Five of the Match, and I've got ten stories/works of art to catch up on.) Big thanks to [ profile] gaffsie and [ profile] fish_echo for the when-you-say-'last minute'-you're-not-kidding beta!

Also, I kept meaning to mention this, but both teams have been doing interviews over the past month. Mine is here, and [ profile] busaikko has been rounding up links to all of the interviews here. And, shoot, I just realized I didn't reply to the comments people left, so I'm-a go do that now.

Thus endeth today's you've-probably-realized-this-already updates!

*Quirkiest Canadian (or at least Ontarioan) thing I discovered this trip: you have to buy your milk in bags. You can get a large bag with four liter (excuse me, litre) bags inside, and then you get this little pitcher to put the smaller bags in side. Different!

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Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes! I had a lovely couple of days back home with family and friends, and several excellent meals, including one at this fantastic little wine & cheese & chocolate & beer-tasting restaurant in Philly. Total hole-in-the-wall type place, but with the best cheese selection I've seen since I was last in France, which was, oh man, 6 1/2 years ago now. [ profile] winkingstar, scratch my demand for imported chocolate, and bring me back some proper chèvre!

To show that I'm not quite so greedy as my last comment would indicate, I wanted to share the omgsodarling chibis that [ profile] chkc drew for me!

She asked me for a prompt maybe a week before the bar, and I blathered on for several paragraphs about multiple choice questions and the elements of adverse possession. )
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Status Update: I'm alive!

The bar exam . . . went, and is over (which is the really important thing). Now I'm slowly getting used to being a non-student who doesn't have to take exams, and who is also a marginally pleasant person to be around. (Current project: remembering how not to pick apart every sentence said to me by someone else because, hey, it isn't a multiple choice question with a trick hidden somewhere in the depths of its syntax, Mom really just wants to know if I want to go shopping with her.)

I'm staying at my parents' house for a few days and catching up with them and some local friends, then headed back up north to pack up my apartment (and work on my [ profile] mcshep_match story -- check this space next week for pleas for betaing!) and get ready to move to the DC metro area (which [ profile] winkingstar and I plan to quite thoroughly conquer, once she gets back from gallivanting around Europe).

Mostly, I'm looking forward to catching up on all of the fun things and life-having that was going on while I've been in seclusion. Links to greatness are always appreciated, as are any suggestions for how to deal with my impending first September in twenty years that won't involve going to school.
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Hey, would you look at that: in the month+ since I last posted, New Hampshire went and legalized same-sex marriage, too! If there were causation involved here (and not just correlation), I'd totally be willing to take a 44-month hiatus to get the rest of the states onto Team Awesome.

What have I been up to in the past month?

- Finishing up a semester-and-a-half's worth of coursework in about 3 weeks
- Graduating from law school, yay!
- Starting my bar review class two days later, boo
- Finding an apartment in DC to move into in August
- Trying to get rid of accumulated stuff to make the eventual move easier (plus, it beats studying for the bar)

But I also don't want to drive myself crazy over the next 7 weeks, so I'm hoping to be much more present (i.e., at all) 'round these parts. I've got an flist backlog that I'm looking forward to tackling, so if you start getting awkwardly late comments to posts or fic over the next few days, that'll be me! And if something awesome has happened, I'd lovelovelove links!
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So I don't usually do memes, but in the past 12 hours I've seen three that I really liked, and I needed something to do to keep me awake in Admin. Thus: Three Memes!

#1 - The Photo Mosaic Meme )

#2 - The 'Be Pete Wentz' Poetry Meme )

#3 - The Question-and-Random Answer Meme )

Okay, who's next?


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