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So I'm definitely not going to make the happy!fic deadline -- I've been up to my ears in school work, journal/clinic/play stuff, and defending my apartment from bedbugs (no bugs for me, but apparently someone on my floor had a full-on infestation, so everyone got fumigated, and I had the fantastic task of laundering every bit of fabric I own and packing it away in plastic bags, whoo!).

I spent most of last week (on Fall Break from school) working Voter Protection for the Obama campaign in PA, and I'm going back tomorrow through E-Day. Enfranchisement, FTW! I'm finding it a lot easier to deal with all of my tension re: the election (so much tension) by working on concrete tasks for the campaign. Instead of "oh crap, national polling data that I can't do a thing about", it's "oh crap, a spreadsheet that needs a total overhaul and several hours of data entry" which I can totally take care of. And there's always more distracting work to be done!

So yeah, happy!fic-writing hasn't been happening (though I did participate in this month's [ profile] artword round robin challenge, which was awesome and will be going live maybe next week?), but I like the idea that I was working with, so it may eventually see the light in some other form.

I'm feeling both ficcish and contrite, though, and I know I'll need some minor non-election-related breaks over the coming days, so if anyone wants to give me a prompt to ponder, leave it here!

And here's an example of how I've been diverting my election-stress energy )

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So I saw the character descriptions for Stargate: 90210 Universe that were linked on [ profile] sga_newsletter, and noticed some subtle differences between what was posted at the Gateworld and Solutions Blog links.

cut for spoilers for the new show -- does anyone even care? )

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In honor of the first full day of legally equivalent gay marriage in California (and my two newly-married friends!), I'd like to recommend/remind you of [profile] taffetablue's A Supermarket in California. If there were ever two men who need to get married ASAP, it's John and Rodney, and [profile] taffetablue's John and Rodney are particularly dear.

Anyone else have any marriage-fic recs?

Also, from an LA Times' photo essay on one couple's impending nuptials, this quote:

Paul Waters and his partner Kevin Voecks look through a wedding cake photo album at Vienna Bakery in Thousand Oaks. The couple settled on a cake that resembled a tuxedo. They will also have a second cake made entirely of cheese.



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