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Title: Visual Acuity
Rating: PG
Pairing: John/Rodney
Word count: 8800
Spoilers: Minor through 5x20
A/N: Major thanks for various efforts at betaing, audiencing, and cheerleading to [ profile] beadattitude, [ profile] fish_echo, [ profile] kimberlyfdr, [ profile] winkingstar, and M. (It takes a village, heh.)
Also, thanks to [ profile] le_mot_mo for her support throughout the process, and for the absolutely gorgeous art.

For [ profile] artword Challenge 16: Colors.

Art by [ profile] le_mot_mo; to see the beautiful full-size image and leave her comments, go here!

Summary: 'There's not a cloud in the sky, Colonel,' Rodney said, and John had just enough time to register Teyla's look of concern, Ronon's frown, and Rodney's suddenly colorless eyes before everything went black. )

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Title: Lost Horizon
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4800
Characters/Pairings: team, gen
Spoilers: some basic developments in season 5, but AU plot-wise
A/N: Huge thanks to [ profile] beadattitude for the speedy and thorough beta, and for helping me figure out what this story was actually about. And thanks to [ profile] highonstargate for partnering with me on the [ profile] artword challenge, and creating such a beautiful cover.
Summary: There's so much wonder in the world, but you have to be able to see it.

A century and a half of electric light can't completely obscure millennia of awe and reverence for the night sky, but it can overshadow it. )

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And the other three stories I worked on for [ profile] artword are up!

There's Lost In Communication, where [ profile] siriaeve left off her section with the incredibly fun idea of John thinking Lorne thinks Rodney's a spy. (For a time, I was plotting out a very farcical exploration of who thinks what when, and why, with the big reveal at the end being that it's actually Chuck who's the spy and disappears from the gateroom in a cloud of smoke, ninja-like. But that would've been several thousand words long, not right for this challenge, and [ profile] trinityofone's done it already.) The title's very apt, and the resulting artwork is wonderful.

Then there's Everything John Never Wanted To Know About the Wraith, and Rodney Should Have Been Afraid to Ask. My first thought was to go in a cracky direction, with John reluctant to go back to the planet because the naked Wraith remind him of his two greatest fears: bugs and clowns (all that pasty white skin!). But I got distracted by Rodney undressing John, and instead [ profile] hyperfocused finished the story up in a very sincere and touching way, which is reflected in the art.

Discoveries is the story I started. I began with the idea that John and Rodney get trapped in a VR room that keeps cycling through different scenarios that the city's pulled from the multimedia that the expedition members have uploaded to the central servers -- mostly, I wanted someone to have saved one of those Olde Timey Photos on their computers, so that at some point in the story we'd see Teyla in one of those floofy dresses, sitting in a bathtub with a Tommy gun, wearing a really wide-brimmed hat. Also, there could be a Buffy fusion, in which John is the Slayer. (I want to hear him make comments about his kicky boots.) But I got up to the first phowm and realized that it was probably more fun for the next person to write if I didn't specify what the room did. I wouldn't have thought of the incredible-shrinking-room aspect, or the garden-of-self-discovery angle, and those are really neat, so I'm glad I left it where I did. The art process for this one is really cool -- you can see the shifting tone of the story in what the artists create, and the end result would be a really gorgeous banner/journal header. :-)

And we've still got a few days of posting to go! [ profile] newkidfan did a phenomenal job organizing all of this, and I'll be sad not to have a new story to work on every week!

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Posting for the [ profile] artword Round Robin challenge started yesterday! It looks like there will be two stories posted a day for the next week or so. Each author got to write a portion of four different fics, and each round of writing was followed by a round of art-making by some very talented artists. You can check out all of the fic from this challenge here.

I wrote the conclusion to story 01 - Only Can Give (What You Have) (from when they sit on the mattress to the end).

cut for some musings on the round robin Round 4 process )

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So I'm definitely not going to make the happy!fic deadline -- I've been up to my ears in school work, journal/clinic/play stuff, and defending my apartment from bedbugs (no bugs for me, but apparently someone on my floor had a full-on infestation, so everyone got fumigated, and I had the fantastic task of laundering every bit of fabric I own and packing it away in plastic bags, whoo!).

I spent most of last week (on Fall Break from school) working Voter Protection for the Obama campaign in PA, and I'm going back tomorrow through E-Day. Enfranchisement, FTW! I'm finding it a lot easier to deal with all of my tension re: the election (so much tension) by working on concrete tasks for the campaign. Instead of "oh crap, national polling data that I can't do a thing about", it's "oh crap, a spreadsheet that needs a total overhaul and several hours of data entry" which I can totally take care of. And there's always more distracting work to be done!

So yeah, happy!fic-writing hasn't been happening (though I did participate in this month's [ profile] artword round robin challenge, which was awesome and will be going live maybe next week?), but I like the idea that I was working with, so it may eventually see the light in some other form.

I'm feeling both ficcish and contrite, though, and I know I'll need some minor non-election-related breaks over the coming days, so if anyone wants to give me a prompt to ponder, leave it here!

And here's an example of how I've been diverting my election-stress energy )


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