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Ah, yes, I knew I was forgetting a step: My interview for McShep Match is over here, posted a week ago, and, ooop, now having several comments that need responding to. If you've got any questions for me, give 'em an ask, and I'll be happy to answer them promptly.

Also: McShep Match posting starts TOMORROW! There should be a lot of great stories and art, and I can't wait to see what everyone's come up with. I'm nervous about my story, and can't tell whether it's just because I rarely go this long between finishing a fic and getting feedback on it, or because I haven't written anything SGA (or non-work-related, really) since January and was really rusty. Really. And made some odd choices in the type of story I decided to tell, vis-à-vis my strengths as a writer. Le sigh.

[ profile] winkingstar and I chatted today (IRL, because she came for a visit and we spent two and a half hours looking at rocks and then saw Morris dancers on the street, yay!) about how much harder it's been to write and podfic and generally be creative since leaving school & entering the workforce. I'd thought that having structured work/non-work time would make it easier, since there'd be these great expanses of evenings and weekends that I could devote to writing, but then I get home from my job (which I love!), sometimes rather late, and all I want to do is turn my brain off for a little while.

To that end, I think I'm going to try a little experiment. Last October, my friend M. gave me a list of 30 prompts to use in a not-quite-NaNo "write something every day in November" challenge. That . . . did not happen, clearly, and I doubt I'll ever succeed in writing something every single day in a given month -- my work schedule just won't permit that. But! I'm going to try doing something for each of the prompts over a relatively short period of time, because I need to try something to get my writing mojo back. I think I'll call it 30 Days of Writing: Non-Consecutive.

And I think I'll start tomorrow.
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