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So I wrote a little [ profile] mcsmooch called Unlocked just yesterday, and thought that I should maybe post a link in my own journal, for track-keeping and informational purposes.

Then I remembered that [ profile] sga_santa reveals happened back on the 1st, so that I should probably also let people know that I wrote Never Quite What You Expect for [ profile] monanotlisa

And then I remembered that I never did post about my [ profile] mcshep_match story The Ingenious Dr. Rodney McKay of Atlantis, which I wrote for Team Peace and which still needs some vital edits, dang.

And then I thought, "Wait, have I really only written three things since August?", and had to go look up the fact that, no, last [ profile] mcsmooch time (October 09), I wrote No Contest, and also forgot to mention that.

So! This is not really a Fic Year in Review post, but it's a list of what I've done since August 2009, at least. I'm now quite convinced that I should a) create a masterlist of my fic, so that I don't lose track of what all I've written, and b) actually upload my stuff to my AO3 account and, in the process, do all the little edits I keep meaning to do, seriously.

If anyone has any advice on masterlists -- what you-as-a-writer have found helpful, what you-as-a-reader prefer, what you-as-a-librarian/archivist (ahem, [ profile] winkingstar) would recommend -- please do let me know!

ETA: All the above-linked fic is John/Rodney, PG-ish rating at most, and replete with em-dashes. In some things, I am consistent!

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propinquitine: John, looking up while in a cell, from the lovely blue-lit episode Aurora. (Default)

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