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So Remix reveals went up, back on Sunday, and now I can tell you that I was responsible for the Good Omens story True to Form (The Self Reflection Remix), which is a remix of [ profile] daegaer's snippet Appearances can be Deceptive.* It was fun** to work in an entirely new fandom; I'd read Good Omens back in February and promptly inhaled a whole bunch of Crowley/Aziraphale fic,*** but hadn't really thought of writing anything since I've only ever done SGA.

I'm glad I got matched with someone who hadn't written anything SGA, since that forced me out of my comfort zone, and I really enjoyed the opportunity to try to get into other characters' heads. [ profile] daegaer has written scores of excellent Good Omens stories and I spent a good amount of time just reading everything she'd done.^^ I loved the snippet I ended up remixing for the skewed version of Aziraphale it presented -- he's usually written much more "bumbling" than "chillingly devious", and I couldn't resist writing up a Crowley who a) didn't understand that about Aziraphale and b) didn't understand everything about himself, either.^^^

It was kind of liberating to be able to leave the characters in a tenuous, not-likely-to-end-well` place, since I'm incapable of doing that with John and Rodney. My one regret`` with the remix was that I didn't have the chance to experiment with Pratchett's signature footnote-laden style.```

* Which I swear was untitled when I was looking at it, or perhaps I'm even more addled than I've been feeling, lately.

** For values of "fun" = "anxiety-" and "self-doubt-inducing".

*** You guys, they have an Arrangement. To get drunk and help each other out basically all the time. Other characters routinely mistake them for a couple. It's incredibly easy to slash,^ is my point.

^ Even easier to slash? Aubrey and Maturin from Master and Commander. I haven't sought out fic yet because I'm still finishing the first book, but, c'mon: Jack invites Stephen to live on his ship with him (in his tiny cabin, at first!). When they have to leave Stephen behind for some reason, all Jack can think about is how Stephen is and when they might find him again. They make beautiful music together. The title page calls it The Aubrey/Maturin Series.

^^ And quaking in my boots.

^^^ I worried to [ profile] winkingstar that I'd gone too far into the woobie!Crowley arena in the story -- she said he didn't come across as such in the story, but suffice it to say that the Crowley I imagine in my head in this little 'verse is in desperate need of some hugs.

` Where "well" = "hugs and kisses and genuine acceptance for poor dear Crowley", to be schmoopily honest about it.

`` It was the opposite of a regret that I finally got to legitimately use the Every Title (Sounds Cooler with a Parenthetical) format. Love it!

``` Though I think I've satisfied that urge quite thoroughly, here.
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